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One App is a missional network designed to help you do missions like never before.

OneApp is available using a free missions system and gives you access to projects, training materials, detailed maps, and more. You can use the system to coordinate your own projects too (local and global!) And by participating in OneApp, you will automatically have the opportunity to share projects with other churches and groups. Simply put, it is a great way to manage missions, and its free! So what are you waiting for?

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Curious about the administrative features?

Take a look at some of the screens you will be able to use to manage your church's missional projects.

System Features

What will my church be able to do?

Mission and Outreach Teams

Your church can interact, learn and organize as you prepare for your missional activities..

Mission and Outreach Projects

Teams can discover projects that match their preferences and/or start their own.

Online Training

All types of topies: local training, church-defined training, global training, culture training and more.

Maps & Global Information

Maps, people group information/stats, status updates, country and local conditions and more.

Project Types

Highly customizable packages for defining projects. Your church can either use built-in project types or create your own.